General Order Inquiries

  1. Can I get a bike delivered?
    Yes! We will deliver bikes to your address pending our shipping & handling rates and your location.
  2. Do you deliver outside of Australia?
    No, our bike deliveries will only be within the Australian states and territories.
  3. Can I get a custom-built bike?
    Of course you can! Our speciality is in customised bikes. Call us today at 9379 5292 to discuss your requirements and get a quote!
  4. Are you open on weekends?
    We are open on Saturdays only from 9:00am - 4:00pm.
  5. Do you offer Click and Collect?
    Yes, during COVID-19 lockdown, we do click & collect. Call us at 9379 5292 to arrange for pickup.
  6. How much do you charge for shipping?
    Our shipping charges may vary and more information can be found on our Shipping page.
  7. Do your prices include GST?
    Yes, all of our bike prices do include the GST.

Bike Maintenance & Use

  1. How often should I bring my bike in for a service?
    It’s usually best to have your bike serviced after the first month as it is in the breaking-in period and will accumulate initial wear and tear. After the first service, we recommend every 3 months for a frequently ridden bike and every 6 months for a lightly ridden bike.
  2. What type of clothing is best to wear when riding a bike?
    We recommend wearing padded shorts when riding a bike for an extended period of time. 
  3. What sort of accessories should I carry with my bike?
    For starters, you will definitely need to wear a helmet. Invest in a good one that will offer you both comfort and safety. You might also want to consider a saddle bag to carry any spare parts & bike maintenance pieces such as spare tubes, tyre levers, pumps & tools. These are important to carry in case of a wheel puncture. Many cyclists find it helpful to install a bottle holder to stay hydrated during long treks.
  4. Will my bike fit in my car?
    In many cases, yes, but we can’t guarantee this is the safest way to transport your bike. If you do choose to carry it inside your car, make sure your bike has plenty of space and is not crammed into tight spaces.
  5. Can I transport my child(ren) safely on my bike?
    Yes, we carry baby seats and bike trailers specifically designed to transport children safely whilst riding your bike. If you have more than one child, we recommend using a bike trailer.
  6. Where can I get my bike serviced?
    We offer bike services at our facility. See our bike servicing rates here.


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