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We have a wide range of E bikes, Road, Gravel, Hybrid, Mountain and Childrens bikes and Scooters. We specialise in custom bike builds.

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Customer Reviews

Had my bike serviced here by Nick Bell and he had great customer service and helped me out with my inquiry and the bike now is working like a dream!
Julian Vuong

2 months ago

Very friendly and helpful crew. Fair prices and very quick and efficient service. They’re always happy to help. Definitely will come back in the future.
Callum Anderson

6 months ago

Long time customer of Rapido, very accommodating and helpful service. Just note that, at the moment, bike servicing requires pre booking and can take up to 2 months to turn around due to covid backlog
Justin Giuliano

5 months ago

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Caring for your bike is as important as selecting the right bike for your needs. Proper bike maintenance is essential.

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Lowdown on eBikes

If you're like many people, you have probably looked enviously at those newfangled electric bikes with curious envy.

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